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37 - 50
Range (nm)
1,006 - 2,000
Hourly Rate
$6,000 - $7,000
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$23.0M - $150.0M
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Popular Regional Airliners

Name Typical Seating Range (nm) Speed (ktas) Lavatory
Canadair Regional Jet 70 1504 470 Full
Dornier DO-328 30 1150 335 Full
Dornier 328 Executive Jet 30 900 398 Full
Embraer ERJ 145 50 1500 434 Full
Embraer ERJ 175 78 1750 481 Full
Embraer ERJ 190 98 2400 460 Full
Embraer ERJ 135 37 1300 447 Full

Regional Airliners – also known as feederliners – are aircraft which can seat up to 100 passengers over short haul flights, including city-to-city trips covering smaller airports. Dating back to the early years of aviation, regional airliners played a pivotal role in the transition from a time when all aircraft were short haul into the modern long haul era. Early models such as the BAE 146 were pivotal in helping cause the regional airliner boom which saw them become one of the most popular methods of short haul flight.

Fairly narrow cabins ensure that regional airliners remain one of the most efficient aircraft around, wasting little space in seating areas yet with ample room in the cargo hold. Their introduction came at a time when turboprops were viewed as too noisy, and so from the very beginning regional airliners have been designed to be as tranquil as possible, ensuring a smooth flight for those who are easily disturbed by outside noise.

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